Many people in this world are considered “neat.”  You may be one of them.  I know I’m one of them because I get told this many times a year.  The person who tells me is a close associate of mine.  This close associate thinks I’m neat and frames all my artwork.  She also sends me little texts each day that say, “Hope you’re having a good day!”  I don’t need to reveal who this close associate is or if she’s related to me.   These are not important details.

But, if you think I’m neat: you might want to check out a neat skillshare course that I just made about making notecards.  The neatness factor is pretty extreme in this video and I think it will also recognize your own neatness.  You will create a card in this class that you can send to someone who either thinks you’re neat or you think they are neat.  Anyway, here is the link:  (click the image)


or click here: